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«Polska Bibliografia Naukowa» (PBN, Polish Scientific Bibliography) is a database created on the portal of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, which accumulates information on Polish and foreign academic scientific journals, as well as on the publications of Polish scientists. 

As of the beginning of August 2015, PBN published information on 596 thousand publications, 30.3 thousand journals, 2.4 thousand questionnaires of journals, 7 thousand institutions, 35.6 thousand people. During the period of the portal's existence from the end of 2011 to August 2015, it was visited by 14.7 thousand users.


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Portal of scientific periodicals of the Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine presents open access journals and collections of scientific papers published in Ukraine

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   The publication is indexed by Google Scholar



ResearchBib is an academic database that indexes and provides open access to peer-reviewed journals, full-text papers, and research conferences. ResearchBib is the largest database of journals that are freely available on the Internet, which includes descriptions of journals from more than 5,400 publishers.



WorldCat OCLC is the world's largest bibliographic database, with more than 240 million records of all works in 470 languages. The database is created by the joint efforts of more than 72,000 libraries from 171 countries within the OCLC organization



CrossRef is an association of scientific publishers that develops a common infrastructure to support more effective scientific communications. CrossRef's citation system today covers more than 68 million journal articles and other content items (books, dissertations, technical reports, etc.) from thousands of scientific and professional publishers worldwide.


PUBLONS was founded in 2012 to review the status of peer review practices in scientific communication in order to encourage collaboration and accelerate scientific development.

Researchers around the world now use Publons to track their publications, citations, reviews, and work on editing journals in a single, easy-to-use profile.

Publons is based on integration with Web of Science, ORCiD and thousands of scientific journals so you can show the world more of your research results